Weekly History Wrap Up: 11/18/11.

TGIF! Time for the Weekly History Wrap Up!

Scholarships were recently awarded to three college-bound young adults because their fathers or grandfathers served in the Vietnam War. Joe Galloway, co-author of the best seller, We Were Soldiers, was the keynote speaker at the event held in Syracuse, New York.

Could it be, America and Vietnam now allies?

Historians have located the birthplace of famed Civil War photographer, Mathew Brady, near Johnsburg, New York.

Middle school and high school students are lending a hand in the preservation of Revolutionary War shipwrecks from the Battle of Yorktown, in 1781.

Jacksonville, Florida leaders are eying the purchase of 288 acres to preserve the site of the Battle of Thomas Creek, fought during our War for Independence.

Heard of Garbo, the World War II double agent?

And lastly, better late than never!  World War II veteran, Arthur Ross, wounded during the Battle of the Bulge, has finally received his Bronze Star medal.

Til Monday, have a historical weekend.

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