Weekly History Wrap Up: 11/25/11.

Friday, and time for the Weekly History Wrap Up.

Hey, we all want to look good, no matter the time period. How about some World War II British fashion?

For some, the question of whether the U.S. was justified in dropping the two atomic bombs on Japan is still open for debate. For others, the discussion was settled long ago.

Famed military author, Max Hastings, wonders if World War III will pit old adversaries, the U.S. and China, against each other once again. A scary thought to say the least.

And lastly, in this weekend’s match ups, the Civil War comes to college football. Oregon vs. Oregon St.; Clemson vs. South Carolina; Virginia vs. Virginia Tech; and of course, Indiana vs. Purdue, to name a few. Boiler Up!

Til Monday, have a historical weekend.

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