90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week: Wiltz, Luxembourg.

Monday morning, and time for the 90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week.  Let’s venture back to the Battle of the Bulge.

90th Infantry Division command team works from a burned-out house in Wiltz, Luxembourg during the Battle of the Bulge - January 1945. (U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo, Courtesy National Archives)

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  1. Chuck says:

    My Dad was with the 90th at Wiltz. He told me Patton came by sitting on the outside of a tank and thank him for holding a position and he also told my Dad always remember to salute an officer.

    • Alex says:

      Hey Chuck! Very interesting! Do you know in which Regiment and Company your dad served with in the 90th? By the way, the officer standing in the doorway is Col. Raymond Bell – 359th Infantry Regiment commanding officer. The officer on the very left is Captain James Carey and the officer on the phone is Lt-Col. John Smith – 3rd Battalion (359th) commander. Lt-Col. Smith was awarded a distinguished service cross for extraordinary heroism in action on 10 January 1945, the day after this picture was taken. He also got a Silver Star for gallantry in action on 8 July 1944. I have a copy of the general order with his DSC Citation if you wish to see it. Keep the photos coming! Loving it!

  2. Alex says:

    Last little bit of information: this picture, although caption says it was taken in Wiltz, was actually taken in the village of Nothum, Luxembourg.

  3. Matt Goldberg says:

    I am the grandson of John W. Howard Jr, technical sergeant, 2nd Bn 359th INF RGT, 90th Div looking for any information that will help me in finding out about my grandfathers time in WWII. He was aboard the Susan b Anthony and with the Div through Cherbourg harbor, hill 22 in st. Lo and on to the battle of the bulge. He was awarded at least a bronze star, silver star, and Purple Heart but all of his records ya e. Even destroyed. From your citation it appears they may have served together. Thanks in advance.

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