Ray Waldron, Who Served With Patton, Passes Away.

Sadly, another good one is gone!  Local World War II veteran, Raymond Waldron, from Brimfield, Indiana, passed away last week.

Raymond Waldron served with General Patton.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Ray several times over the last seven years.  He had a truly amazing story.  Waldron served in General George Patton’s household as the jeep driver for one of Patton’s aides.  Consequently, he followed the general throughout Northern Europe, and came to know him well.

After war, Waldron worked for the railroad.  But he never forgot his old boss.  He collected Patton memorabilia, including photographs of the houses the general and his entourage stayed in.

Waldron left behind a wife and three children.  A grateful community and nation mourn the loss.  Rest in peace Ray.

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  1. Montgomery says:

    I hope you don’t mind me adding this but I think people would be interested in it.

    It’s a site selling a signed framed photo and tribute of Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery who obviously led the desert rats against Rommel and his Afrika Korps during WW2.

    Monty is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable commanders from World War 2 (and I understand one of the leaders most hated by his troops?)

    I would think they’re quite rare?

    Its at LegendeHeritage.com

    Hope it’s of interest to you.


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