Letters From War Wednesday: Vietnam War – Dennis Black.

So many letters, even in war, speak of light, day-to-day events in passing.  But then there are some that are written with great reflection.  You can almost feel the emotion.  This edition of Letters From War Wednesday features just such a note, written by infantryman, Dennis Black, following his final leave home, prior to his departure overseas for the Vietnam War.

Dennis Black - 1st Air Cav, 7th Cavalry Reg

Black would serve in Vietnam with the 1st Air Cav, 7th Cavalry Regiment, Custer’s old unit.  He penned the short letter home to his parents in late June 1965, 46 years ago this week.  Preparing for war, Black put his affairs in order.

“I had a very good time when I was home on leave and I appreciate all you have done for me, more than I can say.  At times, I realize I have been … hard to live with, I’m sorry—I done my best.

“I don’t know for sure what the future will bring, whether we will go or not, but I believe I can take care of myself and have confidence in my outfit.  Not too much more to say except, I am proud to be your son.”

Only months later, Black and his unit squared off with NVA regulars at what would become known as the “battle that changed the war in Vietnam.”  The four days of fierce fighting surrounding LZs X-ray and Albany not only inspired the best-selling book, We Were Soldiers Once … And Young, by Lt. General Harold G. Moore and Joseph L. Galloway, but also spawned the like-titled motion picture, starring Mel Gibson.  Sadly, Dennis Black died fighting.

For Black’s fully story, and those of another 80 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, read Michael McCoy’s latest release, EVERYTOWN, USA.

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