Letters From War Wednesday: World War II – Pete DeBrular.

If you checked in for yesterday’s post, you’re familiar with airman Edward Paul “Pete” DeBrular and the Garveston Twelve.  On this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, we’ll take a look at Pete’s last note home, dated June 2, 1944, just two days before his death at Garveston, England.

Dear Aunt and Uncle:

I just received your letter saying you had sent a package and am sure looking forward to it.  Please thank Mrs. Caple for her part in it.

Sgt. Paul "Pete" DeBrular - 492nd Bomb Group

Did you see by the address that I received a promotion today?  I was raised to the rank of Staff Sgt.  You can tell Don Robbins if you want.  This is a real boost in pay.  It will come in handy when this is all over with.  I get 50 percent more pay for flying, and 20 percent more than that for being overseas so it all adds up to a good salary.  Now I outrank all three of my brothers.  I’ll really make them step, ha! ha!

…When and if I ever get back to Indiana, I’m just going to wait for your invitation to come for a visit and then I’m going to head right for Cromwell and a good long rest.

I’ll fatten up on your cooking, and a snooze under the two big maples.  Just somewhere where there isn’t a lot of rushing about and ceaseless noise.

Say hello! to Gramma.

…Must close now and get some sleep.

With love,


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