Letters From War Wednesday: World War II – Ernie Leatherman.

Can’t blame our soldier boys for missing home.  This edition of Letters From War Wednesday, dated December 1942,  comes to us from Pvt. Ernie Leatherman, stationed at the time at a camp in Pomona, California.  Leatherman would later serve with the 2nd Armored Division, “Hell on Wheels,” in North Africa and Northern Europe.

Ernie Leatherman - 2nd Armored Division

“Here I am in what they call Sunny California, as I am in a new camp, which is built in a fair grounds, and which reminds me of the World’s Fair grounds on a small scale.

“Don’t be alarmed by the Red Cross printed on this letterhead, for the recreation hall is run by the Red Cross.

“I just arrived here today, but still the good old home town can’t be beat.  …I will be here for three months.

“Well, so long for now, and please say hello to all my buddies and friends back home or wherever they may be.”

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